Why renovating your Holiday Let will maximise your earning potential.

Strong Market

The Holiday Let market is strong, with marked increases in both domestic and international bookings over the past few years. Top prices can be achieved for the right property, as long as that property has the high quality of finish expected by the discerning holidaymaker. This means, of course, that if your holiday home isn’t currently up to scratch, you could be leaving a lot of money on the table. A holiday let in need of renovation will be missing out on the best clients and the best prices – while those similar, but recently renovated homes in the same area will be cleaning up.

Your Project

Although some holiday home owners may have the knowledge and experience to do their own renovation work, most won’t be in that position. That means contracting the services of a professional, or professionals, to carry out the work from the start. This isn’t a bad thing, because a good renovation company will consult with you to see what you want to achieve – your vision – and give their input as to whether that vision can be realised on your budget. Getting things right from the start can save you a lot of money and heartache later on in the project when you suddenly encounter an unexpected obstacle.

A good local renovation company will also be able to give you the benefit of their experience as to what ‘sells’ in the area, so you can plan accordingly. And they’ll be able to offer tips on décor, lighting, and how to make the most effective use of the space you have available.

North Norfolk

If you own a North Norfolk holiday home that’s in need of renovation – Greenhill Renovation is the perfect company to work with. We are vastly experienced in all aspects of holiday home renovations, including part renovations (kitchen and bathroom renovation for example) and full renovations. We are specialists when it comes to carpentry, flooring, and full house renovations, and can offer good practical advice on bringing your property up to scratch in a way that maximizes your earning potential, allowing you to achieve the best possible return on your investment. We’ll show you how to add a touch of luxury, without breaking the bank – and our partner company, Lindop Interiors, can assist with your holiday home interior design – sourcing the right fabrics, furniture, curtains, and blinds to create a stunning and unforgettable package for your future clients.

Call us today on 01328 712200 or 07786 222006 to let us know how we can help you, or email matt@greenhillrenovation.co.uk and we’ll get back to you soon.